FreeGlow Bio Fireplace Modern shape
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FreeGlow Bio Fireplace Modern shape

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FreeGlow Bio Fireplace Modern shape

A bio fireplace with a total height of 100cm. A modern shape that will fit into any room. The bio fireplace will make a big impression, and besides its original design, it also provides plenty of warmth and creates a wonderful ambiance.

Material: powder-coated steel Color: white Finish type: semi-matte Dimensions: 1000mm x 250mm x 1200mm Type: freestanding Burner type: Biocontainer AF/PD/TUV Fireplace capacity: 2.6 l Burning time: 4 - 6 hours Weight: 48 kg

The Garden Flame Solutions bio fireplace is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used in the home, living room, bedroom, and on the terrace. It is powered by biofuel, making it one of the safest fireplaces available on the market. The burning process is clean and efficient, without any undesirable side effects such as smoke, soot, or ash. Therefore, the device does not require a chimney or installation of a chimney system. The fuel tank capacity is 2.6 l and guarantees 4-6 relaxation sessions by the natural flame. The maximum power of the fireplace is 4.5 kW.

We recommend using scented biofuel to achieve not only an amazing atmosphere in the home but also a wonderful and fresh scent exactly as we choose for the day and mood.

The fireplace is made of high-quality materials. Resistance to mechanical damage of the bio fireplace is guaranteed by the white powder-coated housing. Of course, we guarantee the option to choose any color from the RAL palette when purchasing the fireplace. You can select the appropriate shade and surface texture of the paint so that the fireplace perfectly complements your home space, giving it a unique character and elegance. TÜV-certified container

The container is made of stainless steel sheet, serving as the basis for creating the bio fireplace.

The TÜV-certified container has an additional special chamber that prevents spillage of fuel due to accidental tank overflow. It also has a maximum fuel level indicator and an absorbent insert that reduces fuel consumption and protects against spillage of biofuel due to tilting of the device (even in the event of accidental tipping of the bio fireplace with burning fuel in the tank). Extinguishing the flame in the container is done by using a movable slider, closed with a special handle provided with the device.


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